Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I haven't posted in forever!

It has been a long time since I even came here. My nephew Johnny that I had custody of died July 29th 2013. I am still living on my place outside Palestine TX, but barely surviving on just my income. I would love to be able to afford to move back to PA and buy a nice little homestead up there. Hopefully the Lord will provide guidance and the means to get back home to my family. I have six furr kids and no longer taking in rescues. Bunny I have had for over 8 yrs. She is a pit mix and has no idea she is a dog. BooBoo is my white chihuahua and I have also had him over 8 yrs. Mommasita is a hound mix I saved from Collin Co AC about 6 yrs ago. Hope is a med size white mutt I have had about 2 yrs. Charlie is a black, tan and white long hair Chihuahua that I have had less than a yr. Cindy is a fawn color 5 lb chihuahua I have also had for less than a yr. She is the final addition to my furr family. As to my sons... Bobby moved out Dec 3rd 2013 after stealing and selling a bunch of my stuff and trashing my place. He is renting in Elkhart TX with his gf Kim and her little boy Kayden. Shermie just celebrated his 1 yr wedding anniversary with his bride Kim and her daughter Kiara. They live in the Garland TX area. Mikie, his gal Shannon and little boy Cameron.... got screwed out of their house by the seller and are in the process of buying, moving to and repairing a fixer upper in Shenandoah Heights PA. Jeffey and his gf Cheyanne live in Shenandoah PA. Jeremy, his gal Carrie and their little girl Stacy also rent in Shenandoah and they are expecing a new baby. Carrie's little boy lives with her dad. Sadly her mom just passed away. Bennis married his sweet heart Mattie and live in Sch Haven PA. Basically I am just trying to stay warm and survive. Hope to find someone to either live with me out here, or for me to live with them in PA. I will NOT give up my dogs so must be in a dog friendly town.